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One of the things Dan likes best about being a Denver personal injury lawyer is that he is a lawyer for ALL of the people, and that includes our wonderful senior citizens.

Dan Caplis Law welcomes senior citizens with open arms. We understand that injuries to seniors often become a tipping point event in their lives causing a loss of independence and affecting everyone around them. We also understand that insurance companies will often try to pay less to seniors, claiming that their injuries aren't worth as much because the victim is older. We believe it is the exact opposite.

You Should Enjoy Your Golden Years

When a person has fewer years left, each year is even more valuable and most seniors have worked their entire lives to be able to ENJOY their golden years NOT to be imprisoned by pain because of some reckless driver, a very dangerous walkway in a store, or some other carelessness that hurts them badly.

At Dan Caplis Law we take great pride in the results that we have obtained for seniors in our community and of course we accept righteous cases on a percentage fee basis so that good people from all walks of life, including our senior citizens, can have access to first-class representation.

If you need our help please give Dan a call at (303) 770-5551 or use our convenient and secure online contact form to reach out.

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  • "Incredible Tenacity & Professionalism"
    Dan was a godsend to our family. I am a medically retired police officer that was run over and dragged half a block by a vehicle. Dan met me and my wife personally on several occasions during the process. He showed us his sincere empathy and willingness to fight this complex case.
    - John A.
  • Truly believe he gave his all and looked out for my best interest. Hope I never need an attorney again but if I do, it's Dan Caplis Law!
    - Mark L.
  • They didn’t give up til they were able to get as much as possible! I highly recommend them! What a blessing!!
    - Sue W.
  • We think very highly of Dan and can quickly endorse his services to anyone facing the confusing and bewildering challenges that result from wrongful personal injury.
    - Former Client

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