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Whether you or a loved one was injured by a car or truck accident, pedestrian accident, unsafe flooring, a dangerous product, or any other type of negligence, Dan Caplis Law will fight for the full compensation you deserve. Dan Caplis Law has extraordinary experience in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Dan Caplis and his team of highly accomplished attorneys have a proven track record of exceptional success in big cases, both in settlement and when necessary, at trial.

If you have been injured in an accident, call our Denver personal injury attorneys at (303) 770-5551.

Proven Results

Talk is cheap. Any firm can flash a nice website. What really separates the best from the rest is results. Dan Caplis has the outstanding real-world results that prove why Dan and his team are the right choice for big cases.

Just a few of Dan’s many successful results include:

  • Truck Crash: Won a $26.6 million verdict
  • Bus Crash: Won a $21 million verdict
  • Bus Crash: Won $20 million verdict

Peace through Strength: The Best Out of Court Settlements are Won by Proving the Ability to go to Trial and Win Big.

Dan Caplis has settled many cases out of court for much more than would normally be expected. That’s because Dan Caplis and his great team of lawyers and professional staff have proven over and over again that they will go to trial and win if the insurance company doesn’t promptly pay to Dan Caplis' client all that they should. That’s why most of Dan Caplis' cases settle out of court. Dan Caplis and his team go to the negotiating table in a position of strength that can only be earned through many years of success in the courtroom.

  • $26.6 Million Truck Crash
  • $21 Million Bus Crash
  • $20 Million Bus Crash
  • $13 Million Hospital Negligence
  • $12 Million Hospital Negligence

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