Dan Caplis Law – Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

In America a pedestrian is killed every two hours, and a pedestrian is injured every eight minutes. Injury and death cases involving pedestrians require a special type of expertise. Dan Caplis has won two of the most important jury verdicts in Colorado involving serious injury and death suffered by pedestrians. One of those cases resulted in the largest PI jury verdict in Colorado in 2015, more than $5,000,000 to an injured pedestrian.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

In the vast majority of accidents involving pedestrians, a driver’s negligent behavior is to blame. Drivers are often distracted by mobile phones, children in the car, eating, drinking, and other diversions that make it difficult to concentrate on the road. Once a driver becomes distracted, he or she may make mistakes that are life-threatening to pedestrians, including: • Failure to stop at a crosswalk, stop sign, or red light • Failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian • Cutting off a bicyclist in the bicycle lane • Speeding through residential areas or other places where pedestrians are common As our Denver, Colorado streets get busier each year, the chances of getting into a pedestrian car accident increase. Our attorneys represent victims of pedestrian accidents so that families can focus on picking up the pieces of their lives.

Common Pedestrian Injuries

Tragically, children are the most frequent victims of pedestrian accidents because they are harder for drivers to see and often dart into traffic without looking. Elderly pedestrians are also commonly hit by vehicles, as their reaction times are generally slower than those of younger pedestrians. Severe, life-changing injuries and disabilities such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, loss of a limb, back and neck injuries, brain damage, internal injuries, and broken bones are common in pedestrian accidents. As a result of these injuries, families are often faced with exorbitant medical bills for hospitalization and physical therapy. If you have been affected by a pedestrian accident, our Denver, Colorado car accident attorneys can evaluate your case and provide the legal guidance you need.

What to Do after a Pedestrian Accident

As with any other type of automobile accident, you should contact your insurance company and a qualified attorney as soon as possible after a pedestrian accident. Our lawyers will need to investigate the case while witness accounts are still fresh and police reports are easily available. The driver’s insurance company may try to blame you for the accident, claiming that you behaved negligently and were injured as a result. We recommend that you do not speak with insurance representatives without legal counsel as you could void your eligibility for compensation.