Dan Caplis Law – Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

Every driver on public streets and highways has equal rights under transportation law. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often perceived as reckless or careless, whether they operate their vehicles safely or not. As a result, when an accident involving a motorcycle occurs, blame for the crash may be unfairly placed on the owner of the bike. The Denver, Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys of Dan Caplis Law can help. Our lawyers can level the playing field by collecting evidence that supports the facts of the case, rather than the bias.

Injuries Caused in a Motorcycle Accident

Though injuries can and do occur in accidents involving cars and trucks, there is a much higher rate of life-threatening injuries in motorcycle accidents. The main reason for this is that a motorcycle rider does not have the same protection as drivers and passengers in other kinds of vehicles. Also, since there is no way of putting safety belts on a motorcycle, many of the Denver, Colorado motorcycle accident victims who turn to our lawyers were injured when they were thrown from their bikes. Tragically, most of the injuries caused by motorcycle crashes are disfiguring and often permanent. They may include traumatic brain injuries (even in cases when a helmet is worn), road rash, broken arms and legs, and severe internal injuries. Recovery often requires lengthy hospital stays, reconstructive surgery, and ongoing physical therapy.

What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident

If you are in a crash on a Denver, Colorado road or highway while riding a motorcycle, stay calm in the moments after the accident. Our attorneys will need as much information as possible to build your case, and much of that data needs to be collected at the scene. Be sure to get the names, addresses, and insurance information from the other driver, but do not discuss liability or other facts about the accident until a police officer arrives. If possible, take pictures of the damage and get a copy of the police report. Contact your insurance company right away and tell them about the accident. Some companies may try to reduce or withhold payment on a claim if the report is not filed soon enough. Your next step should be to contact the Denver, Colorado motorcycle accident lawyers of The Law Offices of Dan Caplis, PC. Legal representation is often necessary to ensure that you collect the full compensation to which you are entitled. Without a knowledgeable attorney on your side, your insurance company, or that of the other driver, may attempt to settle your claim for far less than it is worth. Because your injuries may require medical treatment for months or even years after the accident, you need to be sure that your expenses will be taken care of.