Dan Caplis Law Recovers $1 Million for Victim of Hospital Accident


Dan Caplis, of Dan Caplis Law, secured a $1,000,000 verdict in a premises liability case involving a trip and fall accident at a hospital. Sharon Haste, 73, accompanied her son as he left the Lutheran Medical Center in a wheelchair. As she followed the hospital employee pushing her son through the exit door, Ms. Haste tripped and fell over an area mat that had bunched up near the door.

As a result of her accident, she suffered a fractured left shoulder and a fractured right knee, which required two shoulder surgeries, including a shoulder replacement. In total, her surgeries and other medical expenses added up to nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Ms. Haste and Dan Caplis sued the Lutheran Medical Center, alleging that the bunched up mat was a dangerous condition due to the mat’s light weight and its lack of backing. The jury awarded Ms. Haste more than $1 million, including interest.

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