Dan Caplis Law – Denver Drunk Driving Lawyers

The carnage caused by drunk drivers is obscene and immoral. For the past 32 years Dan Caplis has made it a point to hold drunk drivers fully accountable to their victims. Dan has won very large awards at trial against drunk drivers, which helps him settle many other drunk driving cases out of court for full compensation, and nothing less than full compensation.

Asserting Liability in a DUI Auto Accident

To prove liability under Colorado law, our auto accident attorneys must collect a great deal of information in a short period of time following the accident. This time constraint is the most important reason to contact a law firm such as ours as soon as reasonably possible. In most types of car accidents, proof of negligence is enough for a driver to be held liable for damages. However, to file a lawsuit against a drunk driver, evidence must show that the driver was legally intoxicated at the time of the accident. In Colorado, this would mean that the driver has to have had a blood alcohol content level, or BAC, of .08 or higher. After compiling raw data from police reports, witnesses, and other sources, the Denver auto accident lawyers of Dan Caplis Law will put together a case that shows the high BAC to have impaired the driver’s ability to think and act safely. Because much of the information tied to your case is extremely time-sensitive, contacting us as soon as possible after your accident will increase our chances of success. If you have been harmed by a drunk or drugged driver please contact Dan Caplis today.

Types of Damages That Can Be Claimed in a DUI Auto Accident

After a DUI auto accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries and other expenses not covered by insurance. You may also be able to recover punitive damages intended to punish the driver and other Colorado parties responsible for your accident. Our Colorado auto accident attorneys can help you determine what kind of damages may apply to your case. The most common damages that can be collected after a drunk driving accident include compensation for property damage, medical expenses, loss of current and future income, and pain and suffering. If the accident was severe enough to cause wrongful death, loss of companionship and income may also be considered as damages recoverable by the decedent’s loved ones. If our lawyers determine that the driver got on the road after consuming alcohol at a bar, restaurant, or other facility serving liquor, punitive damages may be sought from that business as well. This possibility is just one of many that our lawyers will explore during the investigative phase of the case.