Dan Caplis Law – Denver Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability provides protection for consumers who are injured by a defective product. When a product is responsible for injuring an individual, product liability establishes where fault rests in the chain of manufacture. The participants in this chain include the manufacturer of the component parts of the product, the manufacturer responsible for assembly of the product, the wholesaler, and the retailer. Our Denver, Colorado firm has product liability attorneys who can provide assistance to victims of negligent or dishonest manufacturers or distributors.

Defective Product Design

With some products, the initial design itself can be flawed, causing the defect to subsequently be built into the production. Examples of defective product designs include toys manufactured for small children that contain parts that can cause choking and even death if swallowed, or automobile tires that fail under normal driving conditions. Often, these instances lead to the manufacturer’s recall of the product.

Manufacturing Defects

These particular defects occur during the production process and are often the result of poor quality control or the use of substandard materials. One example of a manufacturing defect might be a ladder that is improperly assembled and collapses when used.

Absence of Warning Labels

A product that is known to be potentially dangerous but does not include warnings or instructions on how to safely use it can be considered defective. An example of a product deemed defective due to the absence of warning labels might be a medication that does not include a list of potential side effects or does not warn about the possible interaction with other drugs. Contact Dan Caplis Law in Denver, Colorado for product liability attorneys who can investigate claims of defective products.