Talk is cheap. Results matter. Dan’s settlements and jury verdicts over the past 32 years prove his outstanding abilities and tenacity. Below are just a few of the thousands of important cases Dan and his world-class team have successfully resolved:

Pedestrian Hit By Bus

Our client is an extremely impressive young father who was hit by a bus while crossing the street. The bus company tried to blame him. The bus company would not pay the full settlement value of the case, so we went to trial and won the largest PI jury verdict of the year in Colorado in 2015, more than $5,000,000.

Auto Collision/Wrongful Death

Our client is a remarkable woman who was riding through the mountains with her husband when a reckless driver crossed the centerline and hit them head-on, killing our client’s husband and badly injuring our client. The Federal Court jury awarded more than $4,500,000, far more than the offer made by the insurance carrier.

Hospital Medication Error

Our client was seriously injured by a medication error. Because we used our skills and experience to build a very strong case for trial, and we proved that we would go to trial if necessary, the case was settled for more than $12,000,000.

Contractor Negligence

We represented a young couple who were injured when a water softener company negligently installed a system in their home. The company vigorously denied responsibility and hid important evidence. Through relentless investigation we were able to find the evidence necessary to win a $865,000 jury verdict in Federal Court. Because the jury also found a violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, the Court would have then likely tripled a large portion of the award. The case then settled before the post-trial motions were wrapped up.

Automobile Collision/Back Surgery

Our client was a hard working father driving his son home from baseball practice when his vehicle was t-boned at an intersection, causing a significant back injury. Back surgery was eventually required. We used honest, credible, and highly respected experts to prove that the injury was caused by the wreck. As a result, our client received a substantial settlement that allowed him to continue to support his family.

Unsafe Escalator/Premises Liability

In July 2003, a 100-foot long escalator at Coors Field malfunctioned following a Fourth of July fireworks show, injuring dozens of people. We represented more of those injured people than any law firm in Colorado. Our investigation revealed that the escalator was missing required safety devices. We also discovered that maintenance personnel had failed to perform required safety tests in the several years prior to the escalator’s failure. We obtained a seven figure settlement for one of the families on the escalator that night.

Drunk Driver/Multiple Victims/Wrongful Death

A wonderful young family was traveling home one evening when a delivery man, who had been drinking, smashed his small truck into the front of the family’s car. The husband and wife suffered multiple fractures and other serious injuries. The wife was seven months pregnant at the time, and unfortunately, her baby did not survive the collision. The children in the back seat also suffered injuries. We were able to thwart the driver’s efforts to avoid financial responsibility and secure a very large settlement for our clients, including a full wrongful death award for the loss of the baby.

Semi-Truck Accident

A young couple was hit by a truck, which had lost its brakes. The young woman in the car was seriously injured. She was also pregnant at the time and she ended up delivering the baby prematurely. The case resulted in a large settlement, which has helped the couple rebuild the lives of their young family.

Medical Malpractice/Catastrophic Birth Injury

A beautiful little baby suffered catastrophic birth injuries when a doctor refused repeated requests from a nurse to come to the aid of a pregnant mother in the delivery room. The large confidential settlement helped the baby’s parents provide the infant with all of the special medical assistance, care, and education possible.

Bus Crash

A young woman was on a bus that crashed. As a result of the accident, she was paralyzed. The bus company claimed that the crash was not its fault. Our thorough investigation, however, uncovered witnesses who helped prove fault. The case was settled before trial for an amount that allowed our wonderful client to build a custom home designed to accommodate her special needs, receive in-home-nursing care for life, replace her lifetime of lost income, provide for all future medical expenses, including a special fund that would allow the client to take advantage of medical breakthroughs that might help her, and enough financial support to make sure that she could have whatever comforts would help her meet the many challenges she would face.

Motorcycle Accident

Our client and his wife were riding their motorcycle on a country road on a beautiful Colorado day. Unfortunately, a careless driver failed to see them and cut off the motorcycle. The motorcycle driver suffered terrible injuries from head to toe, which resulted in enormous medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Through a determined investigation and skilled legal argument, we were able to identify and access additional policies of insurance that applied to the collision, thereby allowing our clients to recover much more than originally thought possible.

Medical Malpractice/Cerebral Palsy

In this heart-breaking case, we represented an infant who suffered a terrible brain injury as a result of a doctor who refused to return from lunch in order to deliver the child. The case resulted in a $12 million dollar default judgment against the obstetrician, which included a finding by the court that the obstetrician had engaged in willful and wanton misconduct.